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How To Achieve A White Smile Naturally


We all die to have a white. It gives us confidence and the freedom to stay happy and smiley. The color of your teeth is the primary determinant of whether you will have a dull or white smile. If your teeth are stained, then, without doubt, your smile will be dull. The solution to dull teeth and smile is whitening your teeth.

How to whiten your teeth

Swap your toothbrush

dxcfgvhbghjdfcgvhjbFor how long do you use your toothbrush? The journey to white teeth starts with throwing your old toothbrush. Dentist’s advice that you should dispose it after three months of use. By this time if you have been keen and observant, you will see that the bristles are broken and weak. With weak bristles, the brush cannot properly perform the cleaning job, hence contributing to stained teeth.

Brushing your tongue

Did you know that you should clean your tongue every time you are brushing your teeth? If your tongue is clean, you will have a fresh breath all day. A huge number of bacteria accumulate on the tongue. If not well brushed, it will contribute to stained teeth. With a soft brush, stroke your tongue gently and thoughraly rinse with enough water. Also, rinse the brush after every stroke, it helps remove bacteria without depositing them on the tongue.

Use apple cider vinegar to rinse your mouth

This is among the most trusted ways to whiten your smile. In ratios of one is to one, mix water with apple cider vinegar. Swish the mixture around your mouth at least for a minute. Then spit it.

Raw fruits and vegetables

Raw fruits and vegetables are crunchy. You can also include other types of crunchy food. They remove stains on the surface of teeth. They will also scrub away plaque that if left on the teeth lead to cavities and stained teeth.

After taking oranges, rinse your mouth with water

rdfghjkasdfgfhOranges are highly recommended because they are an excellent source of vitamin C. But, they contain acids which are harmful to the teeth. All citrus fruits are acidic and can lead to decay of our teeth. But we cannot stay away from them because of their health benefits to the body. What we can do, is to rinse our mouth with clean water immediately after consuming this fruits. This helps wash away the destructive acid from the teeth. If you follow the above tips, there is no doubt you will acquire and maintain a smile that makes you proud.…