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The health benefits of sleep


Do you feel unproductive and irritable? Or are you always feeling tired during the daytime? Perhaps you are even groggy, and you couldn’t think clearly. If so, then you probably are not getting enough sleep at night.

As we all know having a quality sleep is very important in order for our bodies to function at optimal levels. Without an adequate amount of sleep, your body systems won’t be able to function properly. They need enough rest so they can recuperate. With that said, you need to make sure that you are getting, at least, eight hours of sleep every day. If you are a side sleeper and you want to get the suitable mattress for you, check out

Why do you need to get some sleep?

Sleep has a lot of benefits aside from the ones that were mentioned above. Take a look at the following reasons why you need to get enough rest and sleep.

Boosts the immune system

During the day, your body is exposed to various external factors that may damage it. An example of which is the sun’s UV rays as well as the pollutants in your environment. All these and many others can weaken your immune system. But as you sleep at night, your body produces protein that helps repair whatever got damaged. Again, this is the time when your body systems get to rest and regain energy.


Controls your weight

Some people may think that sleep has nothing to do with losing weight. But the truth is, it does. If you don’t get any sleep, the tendency is you will feel hungry all day long, and as a result, you tend to eat more than what is necessary. This will then cause you to put on some weight.

Improves memory

Have you ever noticed that when you are unable to rest, your brain tend not to function well? Yes, just like your body systems, the brain needs to rest too. If you are well-rested, your brain will be able to function well, and your memory will be improved.

Eliminates stress

It is inevitable to get stressed out at work or due to some family problems. But with enough sleep, you can definitely reduce stress levels. You will have a better mood when you wake up, and the feeling of depression will also be avoided.


Enhances your appearance

Lack of sleep will cause you to have dark circles around your eyes. Your face will look dull too. But if you get enough rest, you will notice that you will look better as your face tends to glow.…

The major effects of unhealthy water


In case you didn’t know, unhealthy water is one that is not regarded as being good for maintaining health. Water can be made unhealthy through contamination, pollution, and accumulation of calcium & magnesium ions which cause hardness.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), unhealthy water comes from unprotected water sources and can cause a wide range of health issues to people and even animals. Read on to learn about the major effects of unhealthy water.

Gastrointestinal & stomach illnesses

hgdhgds6hg43These are sometimes referred to as acute effects and are caused by microbes such as bacteria, virus, fungi, and protozoa. Some of the illnesses happen immediately after consuming contaminated water while others take some months or even years. The most common gastrointestinal & stomach illnesses (also known as water-borne diseases) include: nausea, cramps, vomiting, diarrhea, cholera, typhoid, and dysentery.

Cancer, kidney, & liver problems and other chronic effects

These are the scariest effects of unhealthy water and happen as a result of continued consumption of water contaminated with chemicals, radionuclide, and minerals. Some specific radionuclide that cause cancer include: cadmium, arsenic, nickel, chromium, and beryllium.

Kidney & liver problems are usually caused by herbicides, pesticides, and other chemicals. Other minerals and elements that cause chronic effects include: lead, nitrates, and fluorides.

A wide range of disorders

Most of the disorders are caused by hard water and are becoming some of the notorious effects of unhealthy water. The common disorders are malformations of central nervous system, childhood atopic dermatitis, and malfunctions of the central nervous system. According to reliable studies, drinking water that contains excessive amounts of magnesium and calcium can cause a number of health disorders.

Reproductive health effects & infant disorders

gdghd67g4Some researches show that unhealthy water causes a progressive decline in reproduction. People who drink contaminated water for a long time are highly associated with stillbirths and reproductive failure. These researches point out that excessive calcium has negative effects on the reproductive system and reduces fertility. When it comes to infant disorders, water with a large amount of nitrates can cause “blue baby” syndrome.

Other effects of unhealthy water

Some more effects of contaminated water are being discovered which means that dirty water can be one of the worst enemies of human beings. Latest studies have identified additional effects such as cardiovascular disease, cerebrovascular mortality, Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes, reduced bone health, and anencephaly. Most of these effects are aggravated by a weak immune system, so you can expect them to be common with people undergoing chemotherapy, HIV/AIDS victims, and steroid users.

One way to combat the ill-effects of unhealthy water is to use a water softener.…